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I am a Masters athlete and photographer living in Kent, in Great Britain. I'm a sprinter. I work regularly for the British Masters Athletics Federation and the European Veterans Athletics Association. I can be found competing and taking the photos at most big Masters international competitions in Europe and World Masters events further afield. I'm also a landscape photographer who has been blessed with the chance of spending a lot of time in the European Alps in the last 25 years. My web site is a vehicle for some my photographic work, and is at I'm running two blogs at present, one about running ( ) and one about photography ( ). I also blog occasionally about stuff connected with social media. I have had a run-in with severe depression in the last few years, but seem to be coming out the other side now, although I'm also having to come to terms with recently being diagnosed with a degenerative sight condition. Not good for a photographer. This has tended to widen the range of some of the things I write about - every cloud has a silver lining!

A Quarter Hour of Fame

Well, probably not even that, If I’m honest. This post is really just to blow the dust off this blog, which has somehow managed to remain idle for three months. There are new posts coming soon, I promise – providing … Continue reading

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Like a Full Force Gale

As I get older, and have more and more to look back on, I realise that I’ve had my fair share of “epic” experiences. Nowadays, to the “yoof”, the word “epic” can describe something as banal as a pop song. … Continue reading

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Black and White

The two months since last I blogged here has slipped by very quickly in some senses. In photographic terms, I can’t say I’ve been particularly active, although that’s not been for the want of will. My other blog tells the … Continue reading

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Better Things

  Top prize to anyone who knows the song that has given the title to this chapter of my blog. Answer later. Like many kids after Christmas, I’ve been playing with a new toy. In many aspects of life, I … Continue reading

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They Paved Paradise….

I have a large collection of music. If you read this blog, even occasionally, you may have realised I try to find a vaguely appropriate song title or lyrics to head up the page. Not very long ago, I chose … Continue reading

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Cry Me A River

Well, maybe not to the extent of actual, real tears, but as I sit down to write this, I’m pretty made-up, emotionally. Why? Because I’m just home from dismantling the “Watching The River Flow” exhibition, which I’ve lived with for … Continue reading

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After The Thrill

So, after all the miles walked, all the photos taken, and the agonies of selecting an exhibition’s-worth, “Watching The River Flow” opened this morning, 1 November. I blogged recently about how I felt after the dry run session a couple … Continue reading

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North and South of The River

As I write this, it’s less than two days until my new exhibition, “Watching The River Flow – The River Medway and its Moods”, is due to open at the “Below 65 Gallery” in my home town of Maidstone, in Kent. … Continue reading

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Down By The Riverside

As a ten or eleven year old in the mid 1960s, I had far more freedom than parents these days would allow their kids. With a couple of school pals, I’d regularly splash most of my pocket money out on … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ’til It’s Gone…

For reasons I don’t need to go into here, so I won’t, I’ve had a bit of a hard time of it in the last few weeks. Depression is a bastard. Anyhow, I gave myself permission to go out today … Continue reading

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