This blog owes its existence to a few friends who have asked me why I’d never thought to combine my blogging with my photography, and produce a blog about my photography. Well, simple answer. I really hadn’t ever thought of doing it. So, Peter and others, thanks for the idea.

When I was at junior school, I was always the boy with his Mum’s Box Brownie camera on school trips. I had my first SLR at age 16 and, sad to say, I have no idea at all whatever happened to most of the photos from back then. I was also a Boy Scout until about age 14, and we used to do an annual Easter camping trip to the Lake District. Can you see a pattern beginning to develop?

I’ve climbed mountains and done outdoor stuff for more than 45 years. I’ve had the delight of being able to get to know some mountain areas in the UK and Europe very well, and even to spend time working in some of them. Their legacy to me is box after box of slides yet to be properly sorted, and in many cases, not even looked at for decades. The best of the more recent stuff, from about the last twenty years is vaguely catalogued and digitised, and may well form the backbone of this blog.

I am a photographic mongrel. I shoot with anything from an iPhone to a 6×7 film camera. My influences include many photographic names you’ll have heard of, and some you’ll not. I don’t just do landscape, as my web site will show, but this blog will confine itself to my own, loose definition of “landscapes”, which will include a smattering of urban views too, I’m sure.

How often will I blog? No idea yet. I hope at least once a month.



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