Through a Window


Another Venice blog. Proof of the spell my recent visit to “La Serenissima” cast on me. Oh, and also evidence I’ve had a little bit of time on my hands this year over the Christmas period!

I wrote in the previous chapter of this blog about the book “Dream of Venice Architecture” which I received as a Christmas present, and about the comment in one of its short chapters, regarding Venetian doors. This struck a particular chord with me, not only because I had taken a very similar picture of the same door featured in that chapter, but because for some time I had been thinking about making a small gallery of photos on the general theme of the doors and windows of Venice and the islands of Murano and Burano.

Well, the book gave me the spur to pull that gallery together. In truth, it covers a bit more than just doors and windows, as you’ll see.

The gallery is here. Enjoy.


About tomsprints

I am a Masters athlete and freelance photographer living in Kent, in Great Britain. I'm a sprinter. As well as competing, my camera and I work regularly for the British Masters Athletics Federation and the European and World Masters Athletics organisations. For pleasure, I'm (principally) a landscape photographer. I have been blessed with the chance of spending quite a lot of time in the European Alps in the last 30 years. My web site is a vehicle for a my photographic work, and is at I run two blogs. One is about what it's like to be an older athlete ( ) and the other is basically about my photography ( ), although they often overlap.
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